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Sharing a passion for dog grooming

We were both born and raised in Gloucester and met whilst studying at Hartpury College. Later, we went on to study Animal Management and Behaviour at the University of West of England. It was during our time there that we realised we not only shared a passion for animals, but we both had an ambition to run our own dog grooming business.  The idea for Ruff 'n' Ready was born.

In June 2013, after months of planning, sleepless nights and intensive training, we eventually realised our dream by opening our salon in the Old Medieval Hall at the top of the High Street in Stroud.

Together, we're doing what we all love - delivering grooming services and care of the highest quality to dog lovers and their precious pets.


We appreciate that it's not always possible to keep your appointment, however we ask that you give us at least 24 hrs notice of cancellation. This allows us to try and fill the appointment slot and avoids us losing income. If you miss your appointment and have made no attempt to contact us we will make a charge of 50% of the cost of your missed appointment if you want to rebook. This must be paid at the time of booking. If you turn up more than 15 minutes late for you appointment, we may have to refuse to groom your dog as we may not have enough time left to do the work.


De-matting is time consuming and physically demanding work for the groomer. We make a minimum de-matting charge of £15. If the coat is felted, or when de-matting is likely to take longer than 15 minutes, we may need to shave the dog. WE WILL ONLY DO THIS AFTER CONSULTATION WITH THE OWNER, so we may call you at any time your dog is in our care. Charges for "clip-offs" vary depending on size of dog and thickness of coat, and reflect the cost of sharpening or even replacing our clipper blades, which are inevitably damaged by clipping a tightly matted coat.


Please don't send your dog to us if you know it has fleas. They are easily transferred to other dogs in the salon, so we'll refuse to groom any dog that arrives with an obvious infestation. If we've already started the groom and find fleas, we will not complete the groom and you will be asked to collect the dog immediately. We will then treat any other dogs in the salon and fumigate the building. We make a charge of £10 per infested dog to cover the cost of fumigating the salon and the extra products needed to protect any other dogs present. 3 monthly flea treatments are available from your vet and will ensure your dog remains flea and tick free.


We cannot groom bitches that are "in season". They are often skittish and nervous, making grooming difficult and increasing the risk of injury to the dog. Male dogs react to the scent and become excitable, leading to the risk of an unwanted pregnancy!

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Our Location

33a High Street,  Stroud,  Gloucestershire.  GL5 1AJ

Tel:  01453 751561

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